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Valerie Scholz

Facts for Friends, Germany

Valerie Scholz is a German journalist and social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of ‘Facts for Friends’, a social startup with a vision to become the nationally and internationally known platform that makes fact-checking accessible, convenient and attractive for all users of digital social media. With simple yet innovative fact-checking formats, such as short vertical videos and sharepics, users are motivated and empowered to take action against disinformation in their own digital environment. Holding a degree in journalism, having worked as a freelance journalist and in multiple creative agencies, Valerie is a content expert with a critical journalistic mind. As co-founder and editor-in-chief of a fact-checking start-up, she has gained extensive expertise and experience on the topics of disinformation, conspiracy narratives and media literacy. Having attended and spoken at conferences, held workshops and co-written studies, she is familiar with the latest research in this field and believes to succeed in the fight against disinformation, the issue must be viewed holistically and approached innovatively.

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