Ben Guerin

Topham Guerin, New Zealand

Ben is the co-founder of Topham Guerin (TG), an independent creative and digital agency that has played a pivotal role in winning elections in Australia, NZ and the UK.

TG has been described as a “24-hour meme machine” for its fast-paced and digital-first approach to campaigning. Outside of the agency’s political expertise, TG has worked with government departments on public campaigns, as well as leading brands in more than 20 countries across sectors including finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer retail and primary industries.

As Founding Partner, Ben led the TG team supporting the UK government’s communications response to the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020-2022, and with his business partner Sean Topham, Ben led the successful digital campaign for the UK Conservative party in the 2019 General Election.

Ben has spoken about the intersection of politics and digital technology at events in Australia, NZ, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, South Korea and the UK.

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